Doula (Prenatal & Birth)


Includes 3 prenatal visits and attendance at birth.

As your Doula, I will be your sister-friend, advocate, cheerleader, teacher and caregiver. I may be able to assist with your family, but you are my first priority. Please call, text, or email at any time.

During visit: Duration is 2 hours of “Me Time” for you at my location. Let me be an ear and listen to your concerns/thoughts. Enjoy a foot soak. Get your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum questions answered. Practice stress-relieving techniques.

During the onset of labor (early phase), I will arrive at your location to make sure that you are comfortable. Offer physical support such as: preparing a meal/beverage, adjusting temperature, helping with labor positioning. I will then leave and return when you are closer to birth, if you progress quickly, I will remain during the entire labor.

At birth, I will provide the highest level of comfort and adhere to your written birth plan, while adjusting to any last minute changes. I will serve you during your labor experience while giving you enough space to become one with birth. I will offer educational advice on how to labor quickly, safe, and easy. After you and baby begin to breastfeed, I will remove myself and allow you time to bond privately with your new baby and family.

1 time fee: $1300

Payment Plan: Deposit $500, 2nd Payment $500, 3rd Payment $500


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1 time fee, Payment Plan Deposit, 2nd Payment, 3rd Payment


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