Founder, Mrs Adu is an author, doula trainer, certified doula, assistant midwife, yoni steam practitioner, womb yoga instructor and waistbeads designer.


CraftsWombman is a woman who practices sacred feminine cultural traditions.

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The Dark Womb Redemption Series

The Dark Womb Redemption: A Holistic Guide to Womb Wellness for Black Women, addresses common womb and vaginal challenges, their origins and remedies. Womb herb list, yoga poses, affirmations, recipes. 5 ways to shorten your cycle, eliminate menstrual cramps, improve sexual health. Information on fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. Coping with familial dysfunction and overcoming sexual trauma.
For women age 18 and over.

The Dark Womb Redemption Workbook, is therapeutic. You can learn more about yourself and improve your life. Reflect on your emotions and subconscious memory. The deep questions and your honest answers will encourage your inner work of womb healing.
For girls, teens, and women of all ages.

The Dark Womb Redemption 2: A Holistic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum, is a must-have for anyone who is pregnant, thinking about conceiving or recently gave birth. Gain valuable information on pregnancy preparation, labor/delivery and postpartum recovery. Tips on birthing: in and out of hospital. Instructions on vaginal steaming and belly binding. Step by step guide to a quick, safe and easy childbirth. Avoid medical inventions. 100% success rate. Discover 100 ways to make money with a newborn.

The Dark Womb Redemption Pregnancy Journal, is what you grab when you find out that you are pregnant. Capture initial feelings and thoughts, add photos. Document this life changing journey, every month and even after childbirth. Keep the memorable moments present.

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