Abena Adu is a published author, certified doula, doula trainer, certified midwife assistant, certified yoni steam practitioner, certified womb yoga instructor and waistbead designer/distributor.


This multi-talented entrepreneur focuses on helping women before, during and after pregnancy. Doula support for the mothers. Trainings and coaching for the birth workers. Vaginal steaming for non-pregnant women. Custom waistbead fitting and consultations for all women.


She currently supports women internationally with trainings, coaching and waistbeads.


Abena loves sharing knowledge and has been speaking to large audiences on various platforms about womb wellness and entrepreneurship.


She loves spending time with her family, swimming and reading. You may find her at a pop up shop or speaking on a stage near you.

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The Dark Womb Redemption Series
This transformative book highlights the black womb crisis that occurs globally, but specifically in the U.S. In it, you will discover hope and solutions to the often unspoken problems in today’s society among black women. Grasp the concept of ancient self-care practices. Uncover the dark secrets that affect so many black women. Learn about holistic living to achieve and maintain optimal holistic womb wellness.

Consultations, Womb Wellness Treatments, Fertility Assistance, Doula Services, Private Meditation & Womb Yoga Sessions, Girl Teen Activities, Breastfeeding & Postpartum Support, Workshops, Classes, and Memberships. For more info visit my Blog!