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Vaginal Steaming Course
Learn how to use plants and hydrotherapy to help maintain vaginal and uterine wellness. Herbs and supply list included.
Lactation Course
The benefits of breastfeeding and composition of breastmilk. Solutions to breastfeeding problems. Increasing milk supply, pumping, extended/exclusive breastfeeding, weaning and more.
Womb Wellness Course
Learn about overcoming womb trauma, fibroids, pcos, endometriosis, uterine polyps, menstrual cramps and more.
Unassisted Homebirth/Freebirth Course
Gain the knowledge needed to have a successful homebirth. Supply list. Safety precautions and more.
Fertility Course
Access the secrets to conception. Get the information necessary to eliminate emotional blockages. Gain nutritional recommendations and more.
Waistbeads Business Course
Learn about the ancient history, benefits, marketing,  pricing and more. Gain the tools needed to dominate the industry.
Vending Events Business Course
Save and earn money by knowing where to find the right events and how to setup properly. Learn about the secrets to selling out at events.
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Vaginal Steaming Course, Womb Wellness Course, Lactation Course, Unassisted Homebirth/Freebirth Course, Fertility Course, Waistbeads Business Course, Vending Events Business Course


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